Mini Rambler

Mini Rambler


Meet The Mini Rambler 🦓 . These are one of the wildest KID boot designs we offer so far! She loves adventure, raising hell, and cruising around backroads on a John Deere Tractor. 
These even come in matching Mommy size, called Rambling Zebra.

This is a great collection for your little one and and a Partner in Crime to strut their stuff together in unison. 
Come get you some! 

This BA Design has been applied to a Roper Brand Boot and can be purchased using this specific boot, subject to availability or one similar in style from another company.
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    This unique cowboy boot design is a combination of crystals from Swaroski.

    These Kid's boots come in a variety of sizes with a beautiful zebra print design.

    Every boot comes with a personalized Birth Certifcate for authenication. These boots are high quality and from a well-known brand in the industry. Please allow 48-72 hours for responses. Lead times range from 2-6 weeks


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    1. Product will ship Fedex or expedited if requested with additional fees. 
    2. Tracking will be provided once product ships.
    3. Product will be packed in a secure kraft mailer box and wrapped in a plastic sleeve.
    4. Product will be insured.