Orange, Blue & White is what he bleeds🧡💙, born in the city of Denver, please meet ELEVATED! 
Elevated will hold you up to cheer on your team through wins and losses wherever you are. GoBRONCOSGo! 

This BA Design has been applied to a Old Gringo Brand Boot and can be purchased using this specific boot, subject to availability or one similar in style from another company.
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    This unique cowboy boot design is a combination of four different crystals from Swaroski that represent the Denver Broncos. 

    This cowboy boot has a tall shaft which allows for the Broncos name to be boldy stated from the top of the boot to the bottom. 


    Every boot comes with a personalized Birth Certifcate for authenication. 


    These boots are high quality and from a well-known brand in the industry.

    Please allow 48-72 hours for responses. Lead times range from 2-6 weeks


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    1. Product will ship Fedex or expedited if requested with additional fees. 
    2. Tracking will be provided once product ships.
    3. Product will be packed in a secure kraft mailer box and wrapped in a plastic sleeve.
    4. Product will be insured.