The Texas Unicorn

The Texas Unicorn


One of the rarest Unicorns of all. From her rainbow 🌈 sparkle ✨ to her sassy Texas Charm, she’s one of a kind! Please meet The Texas Unicorn!! 🦄

She loves running in open fields, cotton candy & chugging chocolate milk.

She has magical powers that protect against Monsters and fill any space with rainbows.

A child in your life needs these ASAP!

This BA Design has been applied to a Smoky Mountain Brand Boot and can be purchased using this specific boot, subject to availability or one similar in style from another company.

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    This unique cowboy boot design is a combination of multi colored crystals from Swaroski that represent a Magical Unicorn.  These Kids boots come in a variety of sizes with a beautiful blue skin. 

    Every boot comes with a personalized Birth Certifcate for authenication. 


    These boots are high quality and from a well-known brand in the industry.

    Please allow 48-72 hours for responses. Lead times range from 2-6 weeks


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    1. Product will ship Fedex or expedited if requested with additional fees. 
    2. Tracking will be provided once product ships.
    3. Product will be packed in a secure kraft mailer box and wrapped in a plastic sleeve.
    4. Product will be insured.