Our Story

Since being established in July of 2018, Bridgette’s Approval has been known for providing Sparkle, with a little bit of Grit and Sass, to all of our Customers.

Hi! I am Bridgette. Welcome to the Bridgette's Approval official website. 

This is my Passion and these are the products I LOVE sooo damn much, I gave them my KISS of Approval. MUAH!

Bridgette's Approval was started after I created my DREAM boots for our Wedding in September 2017. No one offered the perfect boots I had always imagined so vividly in my mind (anything close was certainly not at an affordable price), and this was my wedding that I've dreamed of since I was a little girl! So I decided to create them myself!! 

Once I saw the result, I knew, the world needed these and I am the one to make them.

Currently, my day job is delivering my creativity as a Designer for numerous restaurants across the U.S., ranging from fast-causal to high-end steak houses.  I am lucky to work on a variety of different designs that continue to push and challenge me. Being a Designer, I can never stop imagining, creating, dreaming and designing in everything I do. 

Bringing these boot designs to life is my creative outlet and what drives my passion for this company. Like I said, they all have my Kiss of Approval!! 

I can't wait to work with y'all and hope my products bring you as much joy as they bring me! Never forget to always bring a little Sparkle into your life and that is what we are here to help you do! 

XOXO Bridgette